1993 part 2

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August 21: Michael arrives in Bangkok ( Taiwan ) for the third leg of his Dangerous World Tour.





The Los Angeles Police Department serve search warrant on Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara and on his condominium in Century City .









August 23: Michael attends a Pepsi Tour Press Conference at the Oriental Hotel.









August 24: Michael gives a concert in Bangkok while the media reveal that Michael is under criminal investigation for child molestation which becomes of the biggest scandals af all time and will dominate newspapers, magazines, TV shows and tabloids for many months to come…





Michael’s criminal lawyer, Howard Weitzman reads a statement to the press on behalf of Michael while Anthony Pellicano reveals the accusations are the result of a failed attempt to extort money from Michael









August 25: Michael’s second concert in Bangkok is rescheduled to august 26 because Michael is suffering from acute dehydration





Elizabeth Taylor flies to to be with Michael.









August 26: Michael’s concert is is again rescheduled for august 27 (he releases an audio-taped message to his fans)





Brett Barnes & Wade Robson appear on CNN to defend Michael but their admissions that they shared a bed with Michael Jackson (in a friendly, slumber party spirit) only causes more damage…









August 27: Michael finally performs his second concert in Bangkok .









August 28: Michael arrives in Singapoure.









August 29: Michael gives a concert in Singapoure on his 35th birthday;









August 30: Joseph, Katherine, Jermaine, Tito & Rebbie Jackson  give a press conference to support Michael & announce the Jackson Family Honors





Police search Michael’s hotel room at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas .





The second concert in Singapoure is cancelled  when Michael collapses backstage moments before the show is due to begin suffering from a severe migraine.









August 31: Michael undergoes a brain scan in hospital and he releases a second audio-taped message to apologise for the late cancellation of his concert.





Attorney Gloria Allred is retained to represent Jordy Chandler.









September 1: Michael performs his second concert in Singapoure and after the show he goes shopping until 2;30 am!









September 2: LaToya Jackson supports Michael on US Today Show.





Many attendees at the MTV Video Music Awards express well wishes for Michael.





The Singapoure Zoo trucks six ourang-utans to Michael’s hotel!









September 3: Michael arrives in Taipei () with Elizabeth Taylor. Joe, Katherine, Jermaine, Jackie, Rebbie & the 3T also arrive in Taipei to support him.









September 4: Michael performs in concert in Taipei .









September 5: Michael goes shopping to Toy’s R Us in Taipei with the 3T.









September 6: Michael performs his second concert in Taipei .









September 7: Michael & 3T arrive in Fukuoka (Japon) then board a bus to Huis Ten Bosh, a theme park, where they stay for two days.









September 9: Michael returns to Fukuoka .









September 10: Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.





He performs in concert in Fukuoka .









September 11: Second concert in Fukuoka .









September 12: Michael arrives in Moscow ( Russia )









September 13: Michael is o the cover of Jet magazine.





He goes shopping in Moscow and tours the Kremlin museum ad armoury.









September 14: Gloria Allred mysteriously resigns from representing Jordy and is replaced by Larry Feldman.





A civil suit against Michael is filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.





Michael shoots a video of himself marching with Russian army soldiers.









September 15: Michael performs in concert in Moscow .









September 17: Michael arrives in Tel Aviv ( Israel ) with his godson Frank Cascio & his brother Eddie.









September 18: Michael visits Jerusalem . He is met by religious protesters at the ancient Western Wall but is welcomed at Masada , another historic site.









September 19: Michael performs in concert in Tel Aviv.









September 21: Second concert in Tel Aviv.





Two detectives fly to Manila to question Mark & Faye Quindoy.









September 22: Michael arrives in Istanbul ( Turquy ) with Frank & Eddie. He goes to the cinema To watch Jurassik Park !





 Jeanne White, Ryan White’s mother, tells the press that she met Jordy at Neverland in July and doesn’t believe he was molested by Michael.









September 23: Michael perfoms in concert in Istanbul .













September 24: Michael arrives in Tenerife with the Cascios.









September 26: Michael performs in concert in Tenerife . Minutes before the show he meets backstage Laurent Hopman, the president of the French fan-club.









September 27-October 6: Following the cancellation of the South African concerts due to continued violence there, Michael takes a break and go Switzeland with Frank & Eddie.





They stay at Elizabeth Taylor’s chalet in Gstaad for several days and then visits Geneva .









October 7: Michel arrives in Buenos Aires with Frank & Eddie.









October 8/10/12: Concerts in Buenos Aires .









October 13: Michael arrives in Sao Paulo ( Brasil )









October 15/17: Concerts in Sao Paulo .









October 18: Michael arrives in Santiago ( Chile )









October 21: Michael’s first concert in Santiago is cancelled due to a back injury.









October 23: Michael performs in Santiago .









October 24: Michael arrives in  Mexico









October 27: Michael meets the President of Mexico.









October 29: Michael performs before 100 000 people in Mexcico!









October 31: Second concert before 100 000 people in  Mexico





Michael’s grandfather, Samuel Jackson dies at the age of 90.









November 2: Michael cancels his third Mexican concert due to a severe toothache.









November 4: Michael receives oral surgery to have an abscessed molar extracted and stays in hospital overnight.









November 5: Michael attends a party for children at the Hard Rock Café.









November 7: Third concert in  Mexico









November 8: While the Jackson family is in Phoenix for Samuel Jackson’s funerals, the police search Hayvenhurst…

Michael's attorney Howard Manning flies to Mexico City to take a deposition from Michael for a copyright infringement lawsuit  brought by three songwriters claiming Thriller, The Girl Is Mine & We Are The World were stolen from them...









November 9: Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky fly to to join Michael.





Fourth concert in Mexico





November 11: Michael performs the 69th and last concert of the Dangerous World Tour in .











November 12: Michael leaves with Liz & Larry, stopping off in and and finally lands at Luton airport in . Liz & Larry fly on to Gstaad while Michael secretly goes to London . He announces in an audio-taped message that he is cancelling the rest of the tour in order to seek treatment for an addiction to painkillers









November 14: A spokesman for Pepsico announces their relationship with Michael Jackson is over.





Following Elton John’s advice, Michael checks in a private detox clinic in London .









November 16: Police obtain a strip search warrant for Michael Jackson in order to verify a descrition of his genitals given by Jordy…









November 23: Dangerous: The Short Films is released









November 24: The administration of Michael’s music catalogue ATV moves from MCA Music to EMI Music Publishing.





Los Angeles Superior Court judge, David Rothman sets March 21, 1994, as the date for the civil suit against Michael to begin, denying a request from Michael’s attorneys to delay the proceddings until the criminal investigation is completed.


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