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Michael befocomes friend with Marlon Brando and Mark Lester. 






Carol gives birth to Marlon Jackson Jr.






Michael does backing vocals for the song State Of Independence by Donna Summer.






February 6: Enid gives birth to Brandi Jackson.






April 14: Michael & Paul McCartney start recording  the song The Girl Is Mine in Los Angeles ;






August: Michael, Quincy Jones & Bruce Swedien start the recording of The Thriller album at the Westlake Studios in Los Angeles.






Michael razes and rebuilds the Encino family Home. During the reconstruction, he moves into a condo that he owns with Katherine, Janet & LaToya.






During a photoshoot by Dick Zimmerman for the cover of ET Storybook, Michael meets Karen Faye and hires her as his personal make-up artist






August 20: Michael gives an interview for the October’s issue of Interview magazine when Andy Warhol calls him to take part in the interview.






September: The single Muscles by Diana Ross is released. The song was written, composed and produced by Michael.






Steven Spielberg asks Quincy Jones and Michael to produce a storybook album for his movie ET. Even though, they are very busy working on the Thriller album but they accept and spend days & nights working in the Westlake Studio.






October 10: Michael attends the wedding of Courtney Sale & Steve Ross with Quincy Jones & his wife Peggy.






October 23: The Girl Is Mine is released a a one-sided single by Epic.






.November: ET Storybook is released by MCA Records. A legal battle immediately ensues over the release of the album. CBS Records claims that MCA violated their agreement by releasing their album before Thriller. A New York Supreme Court judge prohibits further sales of the album and of the single Someone In The Dark which are removed and destroyed!







November 8 : Michael, Quincy & Bruce complete the mixing of the Thriller album.





November 30 : The album Thriller is released on Epic. It will become the most successful album of all time with 7 hit singles, 107 millions copies sold worldwide, 3 legendaries videos , 8 American Music Awards & 7 Grammy Awards!!!






December: The family moves back to Hayvenhurst now equipped with a second story to the bedrooms, upstairs a den and  a gym, downstairs a game room and a thirty-two-seat movie theatre and off the entry hall, a trophy room. Michael  spends a lot of time at Hayvenhurst playing with his menagerie composed of Louis & Lola (the llamas), Prince & Princess (the deer), Winter & Spring (the peacocks), Jabbar (the giraffe) or  Muscles (the snake)






Michael & ET are on the cover of Ebony Magazine.






Michael gives an interview to UK's magazine Smash Hits.






Michael attends a Queen’s concert at The Forum of Los Angeles. He records a duet with Freddie Mercury (State Of Shock )





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