2005 PART 2

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June 14 : Michael's acquittal is seen everywhere in the media. Mesereau gives an interview to Larry King.
Michael, Grace and the kids leave Neverland and go to San Diego to stay at Deepak Choprah's.

June 17 : Michael's passeport is returned to him as well as his $3 million bail.

 June 19 : Michael, Grace & the kids secretly leave the us and fly to Paris where they check in the Crillon Hotel.

June 29: Michael, Grace & the kids leave Paris and go to Manama , the capital of Barhain as guests to Prince Abdullah (a friend of Jermaine)

Early July : Grace takes Prince & Paris to Los Angeles where they get to see Debbie for the first time in years at a Beverly Hills Hotel.

July 11: Fortress Investments sues Michael for $48 millions , for the $437 millions loan they gave him last November in order to pay back his $272 millions debt to the Bank Of America.

 July 20: In New Orleans , judge Fallon is furious that neither Michael nor any of his layers attended a court proceeding in the Joseph Bartucci case.

 Judge Melville orders Sneddon to give back any material belonging to Michael & raided at Neverland except the 1993 body pictures…

 July 25: Sony releases a new double CD Greatest Hits titled The Essential as well as the live DVD of The Dangerous Tour in Bucharest .

August 3: It is rumoured that Michael gave an exclusive interview to the version of OK Magazine.

Two jury members are about to  publish a book to say they think Michael is guilty which causes a great controversy…

 August 18: Court Hearing in the Joseph Bartucci case in New Orleans . Judge Eldon Fallon fines Michael $ 10 000 for failing to be represented at a previous hearing. Michael’s new attorney  is Charles Gay & Bartucci’s new attorney is William Pigg.

 August 20:  Michael has lunch at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai with a Bahraini delegation.

 August 23: Janet Arvizo is charged with a five counts complaint of welfare fraud by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

 August 29: Michael turns 47. He just spent one week in Dubai with Prince Abdullah & top Arab motor sport personality Mohamed Ben Sulayem.

 September 6: Raymone Bain announces that Michael  has penned a new charity song named From The Bottom Of My Heart for the victims of the hurricane Katrina in New Orleans . He wants to record the song within the next two weeks with other recording superstars and will release it on 2 Seas Records, a label owned by Prince Abdullah & Jermaine Jackson.

 September 16: Michael phones to Linda Deutsch from the Associated Press through  Raymone Bain.

 September 23: Michael is at the Dorchester Hotel  in London to give a deposition for Marc Schaffel’s suit. He’s accompanied by his lawyers Thomas Mesereau & Michael Sydow while Schaffel is accompanied by his lawyer Howard King & Dieter Wiesner.

 October 6: Michael is at the Dorchester Hotel in London with Grace, Prince, Paris , Blanket, Raymone , Thomas Mesereau & Prince Abdullah. .

 October 7: Michael is mobbed by his fans when he goes out of his hotel to go to the legendary recording studio of Abbey Road


 October 8: Michael & Grace take the kids to see the stage show of Billy Elliot. They are accompanied by Mark Lester & his family.

  October 9: Michael go to Madame Tussaud wax museum with the kids, Raymone, Grace & Prince Abdullah.

  October 12: Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to Harrods where they are greeted by owner Mohamed Al Fayed.

 October 16: Michael & Grace take Prince, Paris & Blanket to see the movie Wallace & Grommit.

 October 18: Michael & his entourage leave London .

 October 20: Michael  has once again been summoned to appear in court – but this time as a juror. Thomas Mesereau informs that Michael won’t be be able to attend because he’s seeking permanent resident in Bahrain

October 27: Michael’s lawyer Brent Ayscough confirms that Michael has filed a counter suit against Marc Schaffel , accusing him of concealing and misappropriating funds and he has also settled a lawsuit filed by an antiques dealer who alleged he had not fully paid for $380,000 worth of goods.

While in Barhain, Michael coordinates the recording of FTBOMH in Los Angeles with artists such as R Kelly. The O'Jays, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Shirley Caesar, James Ingram et Babyface. He also renames the song I Have A Dream.

November 5 : Michael & the kids are back in Dubai where they stay at the One and Only Royal Mirage

November 12 : Michael has to be escorted by the police after mistakenly entering a ladies room in the Egyptian Court of Ibn Battuta Mall (Dubai)


November 14 : Michael attends the Dubai Desert Rally racing tournament at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi hotel in Dubai with close friend and renowned UAE rally driver Mohammad Ben Sulayem and Saeed Hareb, managing director of the Dubai International Marine Club.


 November 15 : Michael & the kids arrive in Muscat (Oman) where they stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

Michael’s longtime head of security and father figure Bill Bray dies at the end of 80.

 November 19 : Michael & the kids stay at the  Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat


November 21 : Michael’s former business partner & adviser Dieter Wiesner files a civil complaint against Michael & his society Triumph in Los Angeles demanding $64 million for fraud & breach of contract of MJ Net Entertainment.

November 22 : A new controversy arises when US TV show Good Morning America plays excerpts from phone recorded message left by Michael to Marc Shaffel in 2003 which contain an anti-semetic words…

 November 24 : Michael, Grace & the kids have dinner at the American Ambassador’s residence in Oman for Thanksgiving.

 December 1 : In response to tabloid reports claiming Tom Sneddon is investigating Michael reported use of illegal drugs, Michael’ s lawyer Brent Ayscough says that Michael uses an amount of prescription drugs, but does not take anything illegal or obtain anything in an illegal manner.

 December 19 : Court hearing in the Debbie Rowe' s children visitation rights case in Los Angeles.

On the eve of the deadline date for the reimboursement of Michael's 270 millions loan to Bank Of America, Fortress Investments accepts to give one more delay to Michael...

 December 22  :  Michael spends $40 000 in Christmas shopping at Ashraf's Department Store.

 December 23 : Michael spends $35 000 in Christmas shopping at the Panasonic Store. He has invited the Cascio and Lester families to spend the holidays with him in Bahrain.

  December 24 : Michael takes 18 people  to see King Kong at the Seef Mall Movie Theatre.

Later, they go the to the International Italian Circus and they spend Christmas's eve all together.

  December 30 : Michael & his guests return to the to the Seef Mall to see the new Harry Potter movie.

 December 31 : Michael & his guests spend New Year's eve at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain where they have rented 3 luxury villas







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