2003 PART 2

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March 29 : Michael returns to Neverland.



March 31 : Michael & his children go back to Miami where they are the guests of Al Malnik.



April 1 : Michael & Chris Tucker visit lawyer Willie Gary in Stuart (Florida)



April 2 : Michael, Chris & Brett  have dinner at the Forge Restaurant in Miami with Al Malnik & Serena Williams.



April 3 : Paris celebrates her 5th birthday in Miami



April 6 : Michael makes a surprise appearance at the Palm Beach Film Festival Grand Gala Awards Show joining Chris, Brett, Robert Evans & Al Malnik at the centre table.



April 16 : The Santa Barbara Police Department closes his investigation with no elements against Michael. Dickerman sends the family to consult Larry Feldman (the lawer who negociated the civil settlement between Michael & the Chandlers )



April 17 : During a shopping spree in Santa Monica ( California ) with Prince & Paris, Michael falls on his sister LaToya!



April 24 : Michael Jackson : Private Home Movies airs on Fox TV. Michael hosts this two-hour special from his cinema in Neverland.



May 1 : Michael is spotted on a shopping spree in Aventura ( Florida )



Early May : Michael returns to Acapulco for a three days stay.



May 9 : Michael files a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking unpaid royalties for his Motown recordings.



May 15 + 29 : Larry Feldman sends Gavin, Star & Davellin to consult Stanley Katz. (the psychologist who analysed Jordy Chandler)



May 17 : Wearing Seventies clothes and an afro wig, Michael attends a party at Miami’s Forge night-club for owner Al Malnik’s 70th birthday with Aldo Cascio, Chris Tucker, Brett  Ratner & Wiesner among others.



May 20 : Michael arrives in Indianapolis with his cousins Rijo, Simone, Elijah & Levon.  He came to give a deposition in court following a lawsuit brought by Steeltown Records boss Gordon Keith.



May 21 : Before he is able to give his deposition, Michael is taken ill and decides to fly back to LA.



May 27 : Michael takes Prince & Paris at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.



May 30 : Michael attends a party at Robert Evans’ house to celebrate the launch of Brett Ratner’s book. Later, Michael show up at a MTV Movie Awards post party at Ron Burkle Beverly Hills Mansion in Beverly Hlls  where he meets Puff Daddy & Paris Hilton among others.



June 9 : Michael attends the National Cable Telecommunications Association conference in Chicago with Chris Tucker to support his brother Marlon and his channel MBC.



He then returns to Indianapolis.



June 10 : Michael finally gives his deposition in Indianapolis before going to Merrville.



Michael  hires Charles Koppleman as a new business adviser.



June 11 : Accompanied by Karen and his cousins Elijah & Levon, Michael returns to his hometown Gary. Michael first goes to the City Hall  where the Mayor King presents him with a Key to the city. He then, Michael returns to his childhood home 2300 Jackson Street that now belongs to a cousin of Joseph Jackson! Later, Michael visits Roosvelt High School and in the evening he attends “Salute to the Troops”, an event held at the Baseball Stadium



The lawsuit between Myung-Ho Lee and Michael has been settled out of court.



June 12 : Michael attends a Rainbow/PUSH Coalition breakfast planning meeting with Reverend Jesse Jackson in Chicago.



June 13 : After weeks of backgound plotting, Feldman & Katz finally report the allegations of the family to the Santa Barbara County Sherriff. District Attorney Tom Sneddon asks Feldman not to file a civil suit before he has completed a criminal investigation...



Michael is back in Los Angeles.



June 15 : Michael invites the German family Wolf to Neverland.



June 16 : Michael is one of the 3000 people who attend a memorial service for Gregory Peck in Los Angeles.



June 24 : Michael makes a surprise appearance at the BET Awards in Hollywood to present James Brown with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Backstage, he meets Latoya.



Early July : After Katherine Hepburn dies, Michael supports her family.

July 04 : Michael, Grace, Prince, Paris & Blanket spend the Independance Day with the Malnik family and Brett Ratner in Miami Beach 


July 12 : Michael goes on a boat in Santa Monica where the ashes of Barry White are thrown in the sea.



July 26 : Michael organises the Joe Jackson Day in Neverland (attended by Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Janet & LaToya) but after too many people show up, he decides to leave the ranch with his children and go to Monterey to spend the week end.



August 29 : Michael celebrates his 45th birthday at Neverland with family & friends.



August 30 : Michael attends a fan-club party for his birthday with the Cascio family, Omer Bhatti, Prudence Brando, Karen Faye & Dieter Wiesner among others. The show is hosted by Steve Harvey and at the end Michael gives a long speech to thank his fans and annonce his future plans…



September 8 :  Michael goes  to Montreal.



September 10 :  Michael goes to Toronto to study new 3D techniques.  He gives a telephone interview  to DJ Rick Dees of US radio station KISS FM.



September 12 :  Michael goes back to Neverland.



September 13 : Michael opens the gates of Neverland for a special charity day with many celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Rodney Jerkins, Chris Tucker, Nick & Aaron Carter. Michael shows up for 5 minutes to thank everyone for coming. 

October : Michael, Prince, Paris & Blanket make a photoshoot with the Jackson family (including Katherine, Joe, Rebbie, Jermaine, LaToya, Randy, TJ, Auggie among others)


October 1 : During a charity event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Michael presents the Medical Visionary Award to his Dr Alan Metzger in recognition for his work to aid LUPUS patients.



October 15 :  Michael attends his brother Tito’s 5Oth birthday party with all the Jackson family.



One More Chance, the single from the forthcoming Number Ones compilation is premiered on radios.



October 25 : Michael is in Las Vegas to receive the keys of the city from Mayor Goodman and promote What More Can I Give. He is accompanied by his friend Mark Lester & manager Dieter Wiesner.



October 27 : What More Can I Give is made available as a download on the Internet.



In the evening, Michael show the video of the song during the Radio Music Awards where Beyonce also presents him with the Humanitarian Award.



November 8 : Michael attends a Celine Dion concert in Las Vegas.



November 15 : During the Charity Awards, Michael accepts a Oneness Award via satellite because he is busy shooting the video for One More Chance in Las Vegas .



November 18 : The Number Ones CD & DVD are released in the .



Tom Sneddon chooses this specific day to raid Neverland with a search warrant accompanied by 7O members of the Santa Barbara County Sherriff.



Other searches are done at Bradley Miller (Mark Geragos’ private investigator) & Hamid Moslehi (Michael’s videographer) ‘ houses.



Diane Dimond is the first “journalist” to report the news for Court TV.



Michael who is in Las Vegas issues a statement through his spokesman Stuart Backerman.



November 19 : While the news of the Neverland search is covered by every media around the world, DA  Tom Sneddon &  Sherriff Jim Anderson give a press conference to announce that they have a stop warrant against Michael I connection to new allegations of child molestation made by a 12 year old boy. Media learn that the boy accusing Michael is Gavin.



November 20 :  Michael arrives at the Santa Barbara airport in a private Jet with Grace &  his attorney Mark Geragos where he is handcuffed and taken to the Santa Barbara County main jail. He is allowed to walk free  after  posting a $3 million bail, posing  for a mugshot  and being advised of the charges against him.



Geragos gives a press conference to refute those allegations while Michael returns to Las Vegas where the Jackson family (Joe, Katherine, LaToya & Tito)  has arrived to support him.



November 21 : Michael’s mugshot is on the front page of every newspapers in the world. A media frenzy explodes in America & Europe with tons of talk shows being dedicated to this new controversy.



November 24 : Michael & Mark Geragos sue Extra Jet for illegally taping them during their flight from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara.



December 15 : Michael cuts every contacts with Dieter Wiesner, Ronald Kontizer & Marc Schaffel. Following Jermaine’s advice, he hires the services of extremist group Nation Of Islam to protect him  The media say that he wants to convert to Islam which is not true.



December 18 : Prosecutors formally charge Michael with seven counts of lewd acts on a child under 14 and two counts of administrating an intoxicating agent to a child for the purpose of committing a crime during a timeline going from February 7 to March 20 2003.



Mark Geragos denies all these allegations during a special interview at the Larry King Show featuring also Jermaine who alleges that Michael was mistreated by the police during his arrestation.



December 20 : Michael returns to Neverland for the first time since it was searched for a private get together entitled “You Are Not Alone” which about 600 friends & family attend



Michael who does not condider Neverland as his home anymore, moves in a rented mansion in Beverly Hills with Grace & the kids.



December 25 : From the Beverly Hills Hotel, Michael gives an interview to Ed Bradley (shown on CBS’s 60 minutes 3 days later) in the presence of Mark Geragos, Leonard Muhammad & Grace.



December 30 : Stuart Backerman resigns because of the presence of the Nation Of Islam.



December 31 : While the media declare that the NOI has taken over Michael’s business, a worried Debbie who can’t get in touch with Michael & her children decides to files for visitation rights.



The Santa Barbara Sherriff Jim Anderson gives a press conference to denies Michael’s claim that he was manshandled by the police during his arrestation.



Michael spends New year’s eve at his Beverly Hills mansion with his fiend Mark Lester who came to support him.





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