1993 part 1

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Early January: Back from Japon, Michael celebrates his first ever Christmas at Neverland with Elizabeth Taylor & her husband.







January 16: Michael attends the NAACP Image Awards where he receives two awards.







January 18: Michael appears at the Pre-Inaugural Celebration for Bill Clinton and joins other celebrities (including Diana Ross) on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to sing We Are The World.







January 19: Michael sings Gone Too Soon & Heal The World at the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala.







January 25: Michael opens the American Music Awards ceremony held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with a performance of Dangerous. He also receives three awards including the first ever International Artist Award from Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Murphy.







January 26: Michael attends a press conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to accept a cheque of $100 000 from the NFL and Frito Lay (Sponsor of the Superbowl)




And $500 000 from Best Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation. Heal LA is launched at this event.







January 31: Michael performs a medley of Jam, Bilie Jean, Black Or White and Heal The World at the Superbowl Halftime Show in the Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena (California) before an audience of 100 000 in the stadium and 133 millions on TV.







February 8: Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine with Oprah Winfrey.







February 10: Michael Jackson Talks…to Oprah is telecast live from Neverland Valley around the world attracting around 100 million viewers. During the interview, Michael reveals that he suffers from a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of his skin. He also show his ranch to the world, premieres the video of Give In To Me and improvises a beat box on Who Is It and show the Moonwalk. Elizabeth Taylor makes a surprise appearance to support his friend.







February 24: Michael attends the Grammy Awards with Brooke Schields where Janet presents him with the Grammy Legend Award. Following the presentation, Michael & Brooke attend the Polygram Party at A&M Studios and later show up at the Sony Party in Century City .







February 26: Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  He talks about Elizabeth Taylor in a video for the Arts & Entertainment Network.







Late February: Michael invites Jordy Chandler, his sister Lily & mother June to Neverland for the first time.







March 9: Michael attends the Soul Train Awards where he wins two awards + the Humanitarian Award Of The Year presented by Eddie Murphy. He also perfoms Remember The Time seated in a gold chair because he twisted his ankle the night before (Wayne & Bill help him to the podium on a wheelchair!)







March 11: Walking on churches, Michael attends an American Film Industry dinner in honour of Elizabeth Taylor at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles .







March 27: Michael makes a five-minute speech in front of 1200 teachers and politicians at a conference in the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles which is sponsorised by the Milken Family Trust.







Late March: Michael takes Jordy, Lily & June Chandler to Las Vegas & Disneyworld.







April: Who Is It is released in the while Give In To Me is released in the rest of the world.







April 11: Joe, Katherine & several members of the Jackson family give an interview to ABC’s Day One programme.







April 15: The video to Watzupwitu, a duet between Michael & Eddie Murphy is premiered on FOX & BET.







April 26: As part of Heal L.A drive, Michael visits Los Angeles South Central with Caroline Bingham & Adrian Grant.




Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine with Eddie Murphy.







Early May: Evan Chandler invites Michael to spend time with his son at his house…







May 5: Michael is invited by ex president Jimmy Carter to Atlanta in order to boost the

Atlanta Immunisation Drive
. Afterwards, Michael joins Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Emmanuel Lewis & Lisa Marie Presley in the front row during the Kids Celebration at OMNI.







May 9: Michael checks in the Hotel de Paris in with Jordy, Lily & June + Bob Jones.







May 10: Michael dines with Prince Albert De Monaco.







May 12: Michael attends the World Music Awards with Jordy, Lily & June where he wins three awards presented by Michael Douglas, Prince Albert & Princess Stephanie.







May 13: Michael & the Chandlers leave Monaco By helicopter and in Nizza transfers to a plane to Paris where they spend three day visiting Disneyland .







May 16: Michael & the Chandlers fly back to the .







May 18: Michael receives two awards at the BMI Pop Awards Dinner at the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles .







May 19: Michael receives the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from Norris McWhirther, the Editor of the Guinness Museum of World Records in Los Angeles .







May 24: Will You Be There, the eighth single from Dangerous is released worldwide.







May 27: ASCAP presents Michael with three awards for Dangerous.







June: Michael is on the cover of LIFE magazine with an exclusive cover story of Neverland.







June 5: Michael is interviewed by Rick Dees on the Radio Sation KIIS FM in Los Angeles .







June 10: Michael makes an appearance at an afternoon rally at a middle school in Los Angeles to launch a new DARE programme.

July: The American Friends of Hebrew University award their 1994 Scopus Award to Michael Jackson.





Evan Chandler & his attorney Barry Rothman set a plot to extort money from Michael. During a phone call to Dave Schwartz (Jordy’s stepfather), Evan threatens to destroys Michael if he doesn’t get what he wants. Michael’s attorney Bert Fields hires private investigator Anthony Pellicano.









July 9 : Dave & June Schwartz play the tape conversation to Pellicano who then visits Jordy & Lily at Michael’s Century City condominium.









July 11: Chandler & Rothman ask June To let Jordy stay with Evan for a “one week visitation period”









August 4: Evan & Jordy meet Michael & Pellicano in a suite at the Westwood Marquis Hotel (this is the last time Michael & Jordy ever see each other)





Later that evening, Pellicano go to Rothman’s office where he & Chandler make their demand for $20 millions!!!









August 13: During another meeting in Rothman’s office, Pellicano proposes a counter offer : a $ 350 000 screenwriting deal but Chandler rejects it…





Rothman makes a counterdemand: a deal for three screenplays or nothing but Pellicano refuses it…









August 16: On behalf of June Schwartz, attorney Michael Freeman notifies Rothman that he will be filing paper early the next morning that will force Chandler to turn over Jordy.





Reacting quickly Chandler takes Jordy to psychiatrist Mathis Abrams. During a three hour session, Jordy (under drug sodium Amytal) alleges that he was sexually molested by Michael.





Abrams, who is required by law to report any such accusations to authorities calls a social worker at the Department of Children’s Services who in turn contact the police…









August 17: The Los Angeles Police Department officially opens a criminal investigation against Michael Jackson based on accusations of child molestation made by Jordy Chandler.

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