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Michael becomes friend with Deepak Choprah.

January: Jermaine, Margaret & Jeremy moves in Hayvenhurst (in Janet’s bedroom). Some time later, Latoya leaves the family home after an argument between Joe & her manager Jack Gordon and goes living in New York hotels. Katherine & Joe buy a house in Las Vegas .



Michael visits Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas .



Michael attends the wedding oh his attorney John Branca to Julie McArthur.



February: Tour rehearsals are held in Pensacola ( Florida ). Some footage are aired on Entertainment Tonight.



The single Man In The Mirror is released with a video without Michael.



February 23/24: Michael kicks off the American leg of the Bad Tour in Kansas City ( Missouri )



March 1: Michael attends a press conference arranged by Pepsi to preview the new Pepsi commercials featuring Michael (a four part story) and to present a $600 000 cheque to The United Negro College Fund.



March 2: At the 30th Grammy Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York , Michael fails to win any awards for Bad but he makes an amazing performance of The Way You Make Me Feel & Man In The Mirror and gets a standing ovation from the whole industry. During the telecast, the new Pepsi commercials are premiered.



March 3: Concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York City . During the  show, Tatiana Thumbzten replaces Sheril Crow on The Way You Make Me Feel and kisses Michael on the mouth! Siedah Garrett sings I Just Can’t Stop Loving You  with Michael & Steve Stevens plays electric guitar on Dirty Diana!



Among celebrities guests are Brooke Schields, Quincy Jones, Prince, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, New York City Mayor and the whole Jackson family!



Michael shoots the video of Speed Demon.



March 4/5: Concerts at the Madison Square Garden .



March 9: Michael attends a performance of Phantom Of The Opera with Jimmy Safechuck & Liza Minnelli.



March 10: Michael is honoured by the United Negro Colege Fund as one of their highest contributors at the 44th annual anniversary dinner held at the Sheraton Hotel in New York .



Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Yoko Ono, Elizabeth Taylor & Liza Minnelli attend the event.



March 12/13: Concerts in St Louis ( Missouri ). US cable network Showtime airs Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues.



March 15: Michael hosts benefits for Saint Vincent ’s Residence.



Mid March: Michael & Katherine go to Gary & pay a visit to Katherine’s father, Prince Scruse.



March 18/19: Concerts in Indianapolis ( Indiana )



March 20: Concert in Louisville ( Kentucky ). Michael is on the cover of Jet Magazine.



March 23/24: Concerts in Denver ( Colorado )



March 30/31/April 1: Concerts in Hartford ( Connecticut )



April: The single Dirty Diana is released. A duet between Michael & Stevie Wonder titled Get It is also released.



April 8/9/10: Concerts in Houston ( Texas )



April 13/14/15: Concerts in Atlanta ()



April 14: The video of Dirty Diana is premiered on MTV. It was filmed in Long Beach ( California )



April 19/20/21: Concerts in Chicago ( Illinois ) where Michael is presented with the keys to the city by mayor Eugene Sawyer.



April 20: Moonwalk, Michael’s long awaited autobiography is published by Doubleday and soon becomes a best seller.



April 25/26/27: Concerts in Dallas ( Texas )



May 4/5/6: Concerts on Minneapolis (Minnessota) which end the first leg of the tour.



Mid May: Michael moves out of Hayvenhurst to his recently purchased ranch in the Santa Ynez Vallez. He bought the Sycamore Ranch for $17 millions dollars and soon renames it Neverland Valley Ranch.



May 16: Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine.



May 18: Michael’s movie Moonwalker is previewed at the Cannes Film Festival in .



May 19: Michael arrives in Rome () and stays at the Lord Byron Hotel .



May 21: Michael visits the Sistine Chapel in the accompanied by US Ambassador Maxwell Rabb.



May 22: Michael visits sick children at an hospital.



May 23: Michael kicks off the European leg of the Bad Tour in Rome .



An after-show party is held at the 16th Century Palazzo Taverna where Michael makes a brief appearance greeted by guests Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida Federico Fellini & Georgio Armani.



May 24: Second concert in Rome .



May 25: Michael is the guest of honour at a party held at the house of film director Franco Zeffirelli.



May 29: Concert in Turin ()



June: Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine. Michael Jackson : The Legend Continues is released on home video.



June 2: Concert in Vienna ()



June 5/6/7: Concerts in Rotterdam ( Holland )



June 11/12: Concerts in Gothenburg ()



June 16: Concert in Basel () attended by Elizabeth Taylor & Bob Dylan.



While in Basel , Michael the Charlie Chaplin family.



June 19: Concert at the Berlin Wall ()



June 20: Michael arrives in Paris () with young friend Jimmy Safechuck, PR Bob Jones and bodyguard Wayne Nagin. They stay at the Crillon Palace .



While in , mayor Jacques Chirac presents Michael with La Grande Medaille de la Ville de Paris.



June 27/28: Concert at The Parc  des Princes attended by Grace Jones & Johnny Halliday among others.



July: The single Another Part Of Me is released.



July 1: Concert in Hambourg ()



July 3: Concerts in Cologne ()



July 8: Concert in Munich ()



July 10: Concert in Cologne ()



July 11: Michael arrives in London .



July 13: Michael visits sick children at the Great Ormond Street Hospital   in London .



July 14/15: Concerts in Wembley attended by Jack Nicholson, George Lucas, Harrison Ford & Jane Seymour amon others;



July 16: Prince Charles & Princess Diana attend the third Wembley concert. Michael meets the Royal couple backstage to present with a £150 000 cheque to the Prince’s Trust and another £100 000 cheque to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.



July 18: Michael & Jimmy visit Elstree Studios where Steven Spielberg is directing Indiana Jones and they both meet Harrison Ford.



July 20: Micheal visits sick children again at the Great Ormond Street Hospital .



In the evening, a banquet is held in his honour at the Guildhall.



July 22: Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck present Michael with a pair of specially engraved ice skates backstage before his fourth concert in Wembley.



July 23: Fifth concert in Wembley. Michael is on the cover of Hello magazine.



July 26: Concert in Cardiff ()



July 30/31: Concerts in Cork (). The live video of Another Part Of Me is premiered.



August 5: Concert in Marbella ()



August 7: Concert in Madrid ()



August 8: Michael Is on the cover of Jet magazine.



August 9: Concert in Barcelona ()



August 21: Concert in Wurzburg ()



August 23: Concert in Werchter ()



August 25: Katherine joins Michael in London .



August 26: Michael & Katherine go to Madame Tussaud Museum . Concert in Wembley. Michael dedicates I Just Can’t Stop Loving You to Elizabeth Taylor.



August 27: Last concert at Wembley.



August 29: Concert in Leeds where 90 000 fans sing Happy Birthday to Michael!



September 2: Concert in  Hannover ()



September 4: Concert in Gelsenkirchen ()



September 6: Concert in Linz ()



September 7: Michael receives the MTV Video Vanguard Award from Peter Gabriel during a special presentation via satellite.



September 8: Michael is presented with an award for his seven sold out concerts at the Wembley stadium which gains him another entry in the Guinness Book Of Records.



September 10: Concert in Milton Keynes ()



September 11: Michael performs his last European concert in Liverpool () in front of 125 000 people!



September 12: Michael & Katherine fly back to Los Angeles and go directly to Michael’s new home : Neverland. Upon arriving they are greeted by all the ranch’s employees who welcome them led by Michael’s personal maid Bianca Francia & her son Jason.



September 26/27/28: Concerts in Pittsburg ( Pennsylvania )



October: The single Smooth Criminal is released.



October 3/4/5: Concerts in Rutherford ( New Jersey )



October 10/11: Concerts in Richfield ( Ohio )



October 13: MTV premieres the video of Smooth Criminal.



October 13/17/18/19: Concerts in Landover ( Maryland )



October 23: In a brief ceremony outside the old Motown Studio in Detroit , Michael presents Esther Edwards & Berry Gordy with a $125 000 cheque for the Motown museum.



October 24/25/26: Concerts in Detroit ( Michigan )



Late October: Moonwalker makes its debut in Japonese theatres.



Michael cancels three concerts in Tacoma (Wahington) when his vocal cords become swollen.



November 7/8/9: Concerts in Irvine Meadows, Laguna Hills ( California )



November 13: Concert at the Sport Arena in Los Angeles .



Michael cancels five concerts in Los Angeles due to illness. They are rescheduled for January 1989.



December 9/10/11/17/18/19/24/25/26 : Michael performs nine concerts a the Tokyo Dome in Japon.



December 26: Moonwalker is rush released in Europe but not in .



It is reported that Michael has been making compassionate visits to the bedside of David Smithee, a 12-year-old whose father set him alight alive!

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Cella Deleanu 15/11/2009 23:02

I think there is a mistake is your 1988 timeline. Check this please:
David Smithee, a 14-year-old Tulsan, poses for a picture with Michael Jackson in April 1984. Smithee, who had cystic fibrosis, got to meet
Jackson through the Brass Ring Society, an organization that fulfilled the wishes of terminally ill children. Smithee died in May 1984.
The person who was set on fire by his own father is David Rothenburg, known today as Dave Dave.