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Michael buys a new condominium in Century City nicknamed the “Hideout”.



 January 05 : Michael, Quincy Jones & Bruce Swedien start recording the "Bad" album at the Westlake Studio in Los Angeles


January 09: Michael attends the American Cinema Awards with Sophia Loren & Sylvester Stallone.




February: Michael begins filming a short film for the song Smooth Criminal on his upcoming album. The video is directed by Colin Chilvers on a story written by Michael. It features young actors Sean Lennon, Kellie Parker & Brandon Adams plus Joe Pesci and among the dancers, Lavelle Smith who will become Michael choreographer.




March 17: Hazel gives birth to Jermaine’s son, Jaimy Jackson.




March 31: Filming of the “playing with the kids” scene of Smooth Criminal.




April: Michael withdraws from The Jeovah’s Witness.




May: Quincy Jones sets up a meeting between Michael & Prince in Los Angeles .




The media report that Michael wants to purchase the bones of Elephant Man.




Michael’s first solo world tour is announced to begin next September in Japon.




June: Michael shoots the video of The Way You Make Me Feel in Los Angeles directed by Joe Pytka, choreographed by Vincent Paterson and featuring Tatiana Thumbtzen & Latoya!

July 9 : Michael, Quincy & Bruce complete the mixing of the Bad album.



July 13: 25 CBS Records executives and representatives are invited to a dinner party at Hayvenhurst where they are treated with a preview of the Bad album and the Bad short film.




Epic announces that the Bad album has been completed and will be released on August 31.




July 15: ‘s Radio 1 premieres I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, the first single from the Bad Album.




July 27: The single IJCSTLU is released worldwide without a video.




August: Michael rehearses for the Bad World Tour in Los Angeles .




August 20: Jackie & Enid are officicially divorced. Enid keeps custody of Siggy & Brandi.




August 25 : The album Bad is released worldwide.




The Bad video is premiered worldwide in the TV Special Michael Jackson : The Magic Returns.




September: The single Bad is released.




Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine.




Michael appears in a new Pepsi commercial with young actor Jimmy Safechuck.




Michael hires Bob Jones, vice-president of MJJ Productions.




September 9: Michael arrives in Tokyo (Japon) with pet chimp Bubbles, Katherine & Joe, LaToya & her manager Jack Gordon, Quincy Jones, Frank Dileo, Karen Faye, Michael Bush, Bill Bray, Wayne Nagin, Donny Osmond ect… He stays at the Capitol Hotel.




September 10: Michael visits Korakuen Amusement Park .




September 11: Michael visits Disneyland Tokyo.




September 12/13/14: Michael kicks off his first ever solo tour at the Tokyo Dome.




September 20/21: Concerts in Osaka . Michael is presented the key to the city by Mayor Oshima at a formal tea ceremony where Michael is accompanied by Bubbles!




September 25/26/27: Concert in Yokohama . Michael dedicates the concerts to the memory of Yoshiaki Ogiwara, a five year old boy who was murdered.




Michael gives a interview to Mollie Mildrew for Australian TV. Mollie ha interviewed Michael ten years earlier!




Ebony/Jet showcases an interview of Michael by Darryl Dennard.




October: Hazel files for divorce and Jermaine introduces Margaret to the family.




Janet leaves Hayvenhurst to move in with her boyfriend Rene Helizondo Jr.




October 3/4 : Concerts in Yokohoma.




October 10/11/12: Concerts in Osaka . Michael is on the cover of People with a hand-written message from Michael.




October 13: Michael flies back home.




October 31: MTV premieres the video of The Way You Make Me Feel.




November 11: Michael arrives in Sydney () and takes an onward flight to Melboune.




November 12: Michael visits a children’s hospital in Melbourne .




November 13: Concert in Melbourne . Michael meets  a young boy named Brett Barnes.




November 20/21: Concerts in Sydney .




November 25/28: Concerts in Brisbane . Stevie Wonder & Michael perform Just Good Friends live on stage! Michael meets a young boy named Wade Robson.




November 30: Michael flies back home.




December: The single The Way You Make Me Feel is released.

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