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Michael launches his own company MJJ PRODUCTIONS with Bill Bray & Miko Brando as first employees.



Michael becomes the godfather of Frank Cascio, the son of Dominic Cascio, a banquet manager at the Palace Hotel in New York .



January 10: Michael visits the burn center  at Brotman Memorial Center Hospital in Los Angeles .



January 11: At the first annual Black Gold Awards, produced by Dick Clark, Michael wins four awards.



January 16: Michael attends the American Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with date Brooke Schields and Emmanuel Lewis. He wins an unprecedented eight awards including the special award of Merit presented by Diana Ross. The ceremony is watched by over sixty millions people.



January 24: Michael & The Jacksons shoot a Pepsi commercial named Street directed by Bob Giraldi and featuring the group dancing in the street with a bunch of kids (including Alfonso Ribeiro & Siggy Jackson) on a Pepsi version of Billie Jean.



January 26: Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell Gordy featuring Michael on the title track is released by Motown.



January 27: It is announced that Jackie Onassis will publish Michael’s autobiography.



During the filming of a second Pepsi commercial named Concert and directed by Bob Giraldi, a pyrotechnic failure causes an accident. Michael suffers second and third degree scalp burns but he is saved by Miko Brando and is rushed to to Cedar Sinai Medical Center where his arrival causes a media frenzy. All the Jackson family joins him at the hospital but Michael is moved to Brotman Memorial Hospital for treatment at the burn center.



January 28: Michael is released from the hospital and goes to Emmanuel Lewis’s home to recover from the accident.



February: Thriller, the seventh and last single from the album is released by Epic.



February 1: Michael receives an official letter from US President Reagan wishing him a speedy recovery.



February 5: Michael makes his first public appearance since his burn injury when he visits the Los Angeles zoo with Emmanuel Lewis.



February 6: Michael & Emmanuel Lewis are on the cover of Jet magazine.



February 7: Michael goes to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History to receive awards from CBS & The Guineess Book Of World Records to celebrates Thriller as the largest-selling album of all time (25 millions at the time) Among the many guest are Michael’s date for the evening Brooke Schields, & the whole Jackson family,



February 25: Michael attends the premieres of Pepsi’s Jacksons commercial at a black-tie event for 1000 bottlers at New York City ’s Lincoln Center .



February 27: Michael & Brooke Schields are on the cover of Jet magazine



The Pepsi commercials are previewed on MTV.



February 28: In the company of Brooke Schields & Emmanuel Lewis, Michael attends the Grammy Awards ceremony broadcast live from the Shrine Auditorium of Los Angeles.



He wins an unprecedented 8 awards. On stage he shares his triumph with producer Quincy Jones and even invites his sisters Janet, LaToya & Rebbie to joins him.



The Jacksons Pepsi commercials are aired during the telecast and become the most poupular ads ever!



March: Michael is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Eat It, a parady of Beat It by “Weird Al” Yankovic is released.



March 19: Michael is o the cover of TIME magazine with a nine page article.



March 20: Michael hires Frank Dileo, Vice President of Promotions at Epic as his new manager.



March 23: Michael appears on the cover of Jet magazine.



March 29: The Jackson family selects Frank Russo to run the Victory Tour in association with Danny’O Donovan.



April: Liza Minnelli accompanies Michael to Swifty Lazar’s Oscar Night Party but after a short stay, they go on to visit Liza’s father director Vincente Minnelli.



Jermaine Jackson’s first album for Arista contains a new duet with Michael titled Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin but Epic does not give permission to Arista to release it as a single.



April 9: David Smithee, a terminally ill child is invited to visit Michael at the Encino family house thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation.



April 14: Michael attends a Martell foundation dinner.



April 17: Michael undergoes reconstructive scalp surgery at Brotman Memorial Hospital by his plastic surgeon Dr Steven Hoeffin



Late April : The rehearsals for the Jacksons ’ Victory Tour begins in Los Angeles .



May: Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine.



Motown releases the album Farewell My Summer Love, a collection of old material.



Frank Russo files a $20 millions lawsuit against the Jacksons for going back on their verbal agreement to make him manager of the Victory Tour.



May 5: The Jackson family organises a surprise party to honour Katherine at the Bistro Garden . Michael offers her a Rolls Royce!



May 8: Michael attends a performance of Cats.



May 11: Michael attends a Kool and The Gang concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City accompanied by Tatum O’Neal heavily disguised in a beard and afro wig!



May 12: Michael visits Shirley Maclaine  backstage after her performance in Broadway.



May 14: President Reagan presents a Special Achievement Award to Michael in a garden ceremony at the White House in Washington D.C.



May 21: The Jacksons are on the cover of Jet magazine.



June: Michael meets with other supporters of Camp Good Times in Malibu such as OJ Simpson, Dustin Hoffman, David Soul, Neil Diamond & Richard Chamberlain.



June 5: The Victory Tour contract is signed by Don King, Chuck Sullivan and Joe & Katherine Jackson.



June 9: Michael attends the unveiling of a wax statue of himself at The Guinness Museum of World Records in San Francisco .



June 13: The first single from the Victory album, State Of Shock, a duet between Michael & Mick Jagger,  is premiered is premiered on radio stations. It’s an instant success even though no video is shot for the song.



June 22: Jackie cheats Enid with Paula Abdul who drives over him which causes a knee injury and prevents him for participating to the Victory Tour.



June 26: Michael and his brothers arrive in Birmingham for secret pre-tour rehearsals.



June 29: During Victory Tour rehearsals in Atlanta , Michael & his brothers greet a crowd of several thousands fans.



July: The single Centipede by Rebbie Jackson is released on Colombia Records. The song is written and produced by Michael who also sings backing vocals.



The album Victory is released by Epic. For the first time, the 6 brothers are reunited with the return of Jermaine.



July 5: After a controversy over the selling of tickets, Michael holds a major press conference with his brothers to announce a change in the tour’s organisation and also that the whole of his share of the proceeds from the Victory Tour will be donated to charity.



July 6/7/8: The Jacksons kick off the Victory Tour in Kansas City (Missouri )



The whole Jackson family + Reverend Jesses Jackson attend the concerts.



July 13/14/15 : Concerts in Dallas (Texas ) attended by Prince & Emmanuel Lewis among others. During the second concert in Dallas , Eddie Van Halen joins Michael on stage to play his solo guitar on Beat It



July 16: Michael is on the cover of Newsweek.



July 20: Publicity of the Michael Jackson doll begins.



July 21/22/23: Concerts in Jacksonville (Florida )



July 29/30/31: Concerts in East Rutherford (New Jersey ) attended by Katherine, Janet Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon & Bob Girladi among others.



August: The single Torture is released by Epic. It’s a duet between Michael & Jermaine but none of them participates to the video!



August 4/5: Concerts at the Madison Square Garden in New York City attended by many celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Mayor Koch, Cyndi Lauper, Brooke Schields, Bette Midler or Emmanuel Lewis. During his stay in New York , Michael has dinner with Katherine Hepburn at her city townhouse.



August 7/8/9: Concerts in Knoxville a huge success despite death threats against Michael and heavy rain.



August 17/18/19: Concert in Detroit (Michigan )



Michael is staying with his friend, former child star Spanky McFarland of the Our Gang movies.



Michael films a home video at Pontiac City Hall, Michigan with a troop of police officers.



August 20-24: Michael vists Disneyworld with Emmanuel Lewis in Orlando (Florida )



August 25/26: Concerts in Buffalo (New York )



September: Michael is on the cover of Life magazine.



September 1/2 : Concerts in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania ) attended by Sly Stone & Bruce Spingsteen.



September 5: Frank Dileo holds a press conference to read a statement on behalf of Michael to set the record straight about many rumours.



September 7: Janet secretly marries James DeBargein Grand Rapids (Michigan ). Michael is very upset when he hears about it but the marriage is annulled 6 months later.



September 7/8: Concerts in Denver (Colorado ). Michael visits Elton John.



September 14: Michael wins three awards at the first annual MTV Video Music Awards but does not attend the ceremony.



September 15: Michael goes shopping with Quincy Jones on Montreal ()



September 16: Michael attends Sunday service at the Kingdom Hall in Montreal .



September 17/18: Concerts in Montreal . During the last song, Jackie joins the brothers on stage for the first time during the tour.



September 21/22: Concerts in Washington D.C.



While in Washington , Michael visits the Kennedy Center Opera House to see Anthony Quinn and Lila Kedrova in the touring production of Zorba.



September 28/29: Concerts in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania )



October: The single Body is released by Epic. Michael does not appear in the video.



October 5/6/7: Concerts in Toronto ()



October 12/13/14: Concerts in Chicago (Illinois )



October 19/20: Concerts in Cleveland (Ohio )



October 26/27: Concerts in Atlanta ()



November: Michael is on the cover of People Extra.



November 2/3: Concerts in Miami (Florida )



November 9/10: Concerts in Houston (Texas )



Michael sits for Madame Tussauds sculptor Jim Mathieson.



November 16/17/18: Concerts in Vancouver ()



November 18: Michael is made an honorary member of the new West Minister Police Department while in British Colombia ()



November 20: 5000 fans turn out to see Michael at the unveiling of his Hollywood Boulevard Star on the Walk Of Fame.



November 30/December1/ 2 : Concerts at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles .



December: Michael is on the cover of Ebony and magazines.He appears in the video LA is my lady produced by Quincy Jones for Frank Sinatra.



Michael visits Steven Spielbeg on the set of The Goonies movie and befriends the young actor Corey Feldman.



December 6: Michael is in Chicago to testify in court that he wrote The Girl Is Mine.



December 7/8/9: The Jacksons play their last Victory Tour concerts at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles . During the last song of the last concert, Janet, LaToya & Janet joins the group on stage with all the nieces and nephews to dance. Michael announces his split from The Jacksons.



During 55 concerts attended by over 2 million people, the tour grossed a record $75 million!



December 13: Michael returns to the Brotman Memorial

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